École Connaught Community School Council News

May Enews from the Connaught SCC 

Well, Connaught, we did it!  Three years at our temporary 4th Avenue location and we are now saying goodbye. For my family, this transition was seamless and I personally want to thank all the people who made these complicated changes easier. And now, into a new school!  Here are some of the special, indoor things to look forward to: 

 - Interactive data projectors

- A Maker Space room (robotics etc)

- personalized areas named for fun and special local spaces… The Crescents, The Alley, Hip Hop Hall,… 

- water bottle fillers 

- cool LED score clock

- fancy, new sound system (apparently great for dancing so we’ll have to plan a party or two!)

- automated, dimmable lights throughout

- extraordinary natural light 

- a grand Wilf Perreault collaborative mural

- gender neutral washrooms (all individual mini-closed washroom doors)

This month at school

For the rest of this school year, our wonderful VP Ian Mitchell will be Acting Principal while Lori gallivants around at the new location (okay, maybe not gallivants… she has to develop safety procedures, get training on new systems and technology, design a new website, coordinate the physical move and furniture placements, purchase new supplies and her favorite part, coordinate the growing number of registrations …: ) …lots for her to do and learn!  Thanks Lori and Ian for taking care of everything. You are doing a great job transitioning us all into the new space.  


Thursday, August 31 from 4:30-6:00 - Unpack Your Backpack and Picnic in the Playground! 

Meet your teacher, see your room, drop off your school supplies (so you don’t need to lug them on the first day)

– visit the website after June 15th to get your supply list, 

and stay to picnic and play in our new playground!  

Please bring everything you need for your own meal, including a blanket/cutlery/drinks!

*Note: this is not a public event for the whole community.  Just families of children currently enrolled for September.  There will be another evening planned in the fall for the entire community to have a tour. I’ll keep you updated!

This month, Saskatchewan artist Wilf Perreault came to Connaught and our children and teachers painted 240 individual tiles to be put into a very large mural collaboration that Wilf will create!  What a great way for our children to enter the new school and see their own art already on the walls!  If you are new family joining next year, you are welcome to pick up a tile from the office that will be added to the mural. Due back May 31st 

Hey - guess what?  Our fantastic teacher Jeremy Black received a $3000 grant to work on coding at the new school!  We hope to start a new “Coding Club” too… more info to come in the fall!  Thank you, Mr. Black!

Did you know three of our students will be moving on to Heritage Fair Provincials?  Ella Truszkowski and Freyja Gunningham did a beautiful project on “Les Artistes de la Saskatchewan” and Joseph Bonk was extremely convincing as “Tommy Douglas”. Congratulations to all the students who participated at all levels - our students worked very hard on these projects, and I was amazed of the diversity and depth of topics covered. 

Track and Field has begun, badminton, soccer tournaments, epic School-wide Play Day planning team, Student Performance at Under the Big Top during the Cathedral Arts Festival, A New School Lego Build and much more. 

Walking School Bus: will you / your children be walking to school in the fall?  Want to hop on a “walking school bus” or help us organize one?  Then please come meet other interested parents at my house 2039 Robinson Street on Monday, June 12 at 7:00pm. 

Closing Boundaries: Families are registering left, right and centre for our new school.  At the moment, anyone can register no matter where you live. But, there is a plan in place where boundaries may close in certain grade levels if they exceed our class size guideline. So, if you know anyone out of boundary who is thinking of coming… do it now since there might not be a spot available shortly. 

Playground Committee: Well, I can’t believe it, but we did it!  We made our goal and have purchased all the planned playground equipment!  There will be a brand new a)Spinami, b) junior Swingset with accessible swing, c) Teeter Tunnel, and d) Rainbow Disc Swing for everyone to enjoy!  Our two other, older play structures will also be reinstalled, and a larger swingset for the seniors that was saved. We will also have an outdoor amphitheatre, sledding hill, 4 basketball nets, playing field, purple picnic tables, soft rubberized ground cover… it’s going to be great!  

Thank you so much to:

Kaiti Webb, Jennifer Draper, Kevin Perrey, Jennifer Richards, Bobbi Gans, Tara Dryburgh, Amy Roher, Michelle Dakiniewicz, Crystal Wood and Sarah Truszkowski for all our hard work!  

We seem to have some very keen gardening parents, so, in the fall this committee will most likely morph into something slightly different, or split in two… possibly a “Playground and Garden Committee” and/or a “Fundraising Committee” since we have so many cuts to education to deal with.  We’ll see what parents join in September and make some new plans then.  Looking forward to good things ahead. 

Thank you to the City of Regina for our latest donation of $10,000!  


Mark your calendars for these upcoming events:

Tuesday, May 30, 7:00pm Playground Committee Meeting - this is at a parent’s backyard - email me sarahtruszkowski77@gmail.com for address 

Monday, June 12, 7:00pm Walking School Bus gathering 2039 Robinson Street

Tuesday, June 13, 7:00pm SCC meeting at the Cathedral Neighbourhood Centre - all are welcome! we'd love to see some new faces.

Wednesday, June 21 PLAYDAY at school: free BBQ, dinobouncers, games, music as an end of year fun day for our children!

Monday, June 26 Grade 8 Graduation

Wednesday, June 28 Year End Awards Assembly – At Connaught on 4th at 1:00pm. 

Thursday, June 29 LAST DAY OF SCHOOL - early dismissal 2:30

Thursday, August 31, Unpack Your Backpack AND Picnic in the Playground, 4:30-6:00pm

Tuesday, September 19, 7:00pm, SCC meeting, Hip Hop Hall in the new school - new parents welcome

Tuesday, October 24, 7:00pm, SCC Annual General Meeting, Hip Hop Hall - new parents welcome


Enjoy this lovely May,

Sarah Truszkowski,

Chair, École Connaught SCC 

 - - - - - - - - - - - - - 


New School Design

In August and September 2014, in preparation for the design of the new building, the SCC collected the opinions and thoughts from our community regarding their wishes.  Over 100 parents, students, and community members or concerned citizens responded.  Find the link to NEW SCHOOL SURVEY below. 

As well, please find below, the architect's presentation (from Oct 8 meeting) and the 6 final designs (from Oct 1 meeting).    

The School Community Council recently sent a letter to Minister of Education Don Morgan. We asked the Minister for an update on the province's funding commitment to rebuilding our school. Here is an excerpt from his reply: "On March 19, 2014 the Board of Education for the Regina Public School Division received approval of their request for a replacement school. The Government of Saskatchewan announced funding support to begin designing the new school and we will continue to fulfill our funding commitment as the next stages of construction commence." 

Find that letter attached below.

On Thursday, Dec. 18th a community meeting was held at the Cathedral Neighbourhood Centre. The architects presented the design of the new school site based on consultation with parents, teachers, and the community.  Here is the link for the presentation and the design as of December 18, 2014:


New School Schedule:

December-August 2015 - Construction Documentation

September 2015 - Tender and Award

School Construction - October 2015 - June 2017

Occupancy - September 2017 !!!!!Smile



Centennial Committee (2012-13) - Ecole Connaught turns 100 years old in the 2012-2013 school years.  A planning committee was formed last year to start exploring possible ways to mark the occasion through various grants.  Last year the Time Traveller/Voyageur du temps time capsule pilot project was created with local artist Gerri Ann Siwek.  This project engaged all the students and staff at Connaught.  The time traveler had its premiere public viewing at the Cathedral Village Arts Festival street fair on May 28.  Over 2000 people viewed the time capsule. Over 100 people were photographed in the time capsule and 17 video interviews were recorded with past students and teachers.

Filmmaker Janine Windolph has created a web site to showcase the creation, artworks, photographs and video interviews. View it at: www.timetraveller.wordpress.com The website includes an area to share your own stories.

The Time Traveller can be seen on the North side of the main floor of the school.  Visit it soon as it may self-destruct!

This year we welcome Janine Windolph as our artist-in-residence, with Gerri Ann Siwek acting as consulting artist.  Janine is an award-winning filmmaker who is also talented in

jewelry making, beading and storytelling. Stay tuned for exciting centennial-themed art-making activities for kids and community alike. Our students are certain to enjoy a creative and exciting year, thanks to the Saskatchewan Arts Board.

Art Project (2009)

Madame Moss’s two French Immersion Kindergarten classes worked with artist Laura Hale on a site-specific art installation at the Dunlop Art Gallery in Regina entitled Meander. Using leaves, seeds and twigs collected in the fall, they created water creatures which were then embedded in large blocks of ice. You can get a bird’s-eye view of this sculpture installation from the ramps crossing over the sunken garden at the Central Library downtown. The meandering river of ice will continue to evolve and transform throughout the winter and into the spring when it will melt, leaving only a trace of the natural, colourful organic material. Go take a look before it disappears! 

Winter Wonderland (2009)

On December 17, 2009 for the first time ever, a Winter Wonderland Carnival was held to celebrate the beginning of the Christmas holiday season. It was a great evening of socialising and fun, with activities such as La Tire (French-Canadian candy) and sledding outside. Inside there was hot chocolate, large scale board games, giant musical chairs, Métis dancing, paper ornament making and carolling, not to mention pictures with Santa! We hope to make this an annual event.

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