Minutes of SCC Meetings

Below are minutes of our SCC meetings. The most recent meetings are at the bottom of the list.  

There are also minutes from one of our Transition meetings at the beginning of the 2014 year as we transitioned into our temporary location.

December 9 2009.doc31 KB
January 13 2010.doc47.5 KB
March 10 2010.doc23 KB
May 26 2010.doc44.5 KB
Sept 1 2010.doc27 KB
Annual General Meeting Oct 2010.doc65.5 KB
December 10 2010.doc31 KB
SCC_minutes_19Jan11.doc35.5 KB
SCC_minutes_28Feb11.doc27.5 KB
SCC_minutes_23Mar11.doc30 KB
May 11 2011.doc33 KB
June 11 2011.doc37 KB
SCC minutes_Sept 6, 2011 - FINAL.doc38.5 KB
SCC_AGM_minutes_Oct 19, 2011_FINAL.doc35.5 KB
SCC Minutes_November 15,2011_FINAL.doc75 KB
SCC_minutes_14Dec11_FINAL.doc41.5 KB
SCC_minutes_17Jan12_FINAL.doc51 KB
SCC_minutes_15Feb12_FINAL.doc47 KB
SCC_minutes_13Mar12_FINAL.doc115 KB
SCC_minutes_18Apr12_FINAL.doc47 KB
SCC_minutes_15May12_draft.doc55 KB
SCC_minutes_13Jun12.doc51 KB
SCC_minutes_10Sep12.doc50 KB
SCC_AGM_minutes_16Oct12.doc52.5 KB
SCC_minutes_14Nov12.doc53.5 KB
SCC_minutes_14Jan13.doc48 KB
SCC_minutes_13Feb13.doc51 KB
SCC_minutes_12Mar13.doc52.5 KB
SCC_minutes_16Apr13.doc55.5 KB
SCC_minutes_15May13.doc53 KB
SCC_minutes_11Jun13.doc57 KB
SCC_minutes_27Aug13.doc55 KB
SCC_minutes_17Sept13.doc45.5 KB
SCC Minutes Oct 8 2013.doc32 KB
SCC Minutes Nov. 12 2013 (Amended).doc44 KB
SCC Minutes Dec 10 2013.doc32 KB
SCC Minutes Jan14 2014.doc45.5 KB
SCC minutes Feb 2014.doc30.5 KB
SCC_minutes_11Mar14.doc27.5 KB
SCC_minutes_26Aug2014.doc44 KB
TransitionMinutesSept12.doc29.5 KB
SCC_minutes_Sept2014.doc37.5 KB
SCC minutes Dec. 2014.doc66.5 KB
SCC minutes Jan 2015.doc40.5 KB
SCC minutes Feb 2015.pdf73.6 KB
SCC minutes April 2015.doc36.5 KB
Ecole Connaught Community Council Meeting minutes_Mar 10_2015.doc39.5 KB
SCCMinutesMay.doc27.5 KB
SCC minutes June 2015.pdf87.13 KB
SCC Minutes_Sept2015.pdf115.91 KB
SCC 2014 AGM_minutes.doc42 KB
SCC minutes February 2016.pdf78.85 KB
SCC_minutes_AGM Oct 13 2015.doc31.49 KB