SCCs and Community Schools

SCC stands for School Community Council. It is comprised of parents, teachers and community members. The members have shared responsibility for community engagement and school planning. The Regina Board of Education has created an SCC Handbook.

Connaught is a Community School. This means the province provides additional resources to help us serve students who are socially and economically vulnerable. More than that, it means the community is ideally fully engaged in the school, turning the school into a hub of community activity and support.

Building Communities of Hope was a publication by the Ministry of Education that set out the framework for operating a community school, including roles and responsibilities. It became the basis for the extension of the community school model to all Saskatchewan schools. This is a very important document for all SCC members in a Community School to read. It gives us guidance on what we should be doing as a Community School.

Key documents and resources:

Building Communities of Hope

SCC Handbook

Saskatchewan Community Schools Association

Directory of Community Schools in Saskatchewan

Ministry of Education - Community Schools history and resources

A Handbook for School Community Councils and Principals

Funding for Community Schools

The Ministry is in the midst of a funding review, and the funding formula for commuity schools was not published in their funding guide this year. The standard formula for previous years may be found in 2008-2009 Provincial Funding Formula - Section D, Targeted Programs.