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Excited to Welcome our Readers and Leaders!

I can feel the energy as summer comes to a close. Teachers are preparing great lessons and beautiful learning spaces. Our team has their wheels turning about how we can make this year the best year yet!


We are loving the Summer Reading Challenge Pictures. We hope you spend the remainder of your summer days doing what you love (and reading what you love!). 

A few reminders:

1. School starts at 8:53 on Thursday,Sept 1st and concludes at 3:35 (11:45 for morning Kinders)

2. All students will meet the staff on the playground and will be directed to their classes from there. New families are welcome to come inside to look around! 

3. School Supply Lists can be found at North Staples or under the Forms link on Public Menu on the left. (English Gr. 3/4 is posted too!)

4. All school fees will be collected using School Cash. Sign up now using the link on the right. 

5. Please sign up under the newsletter notification box on the right to receive our Comet Connection Newsletter. 

6. Great News - The Cathedral Community Centre Before and After program is ready for Sept 1st! :)

7. Print your favorite picture from your summer reading to bring on Day 1. These will go on the #BeYourBestSelfie board.

Finally, be awesome, do awesome and bring your awesome! This year is going to ROCK!

Connaught Comets "Anchored in Excellence!"


Stay Tuned with ECCS News...

Stay up to date with WHAT'S HAPPENING:

1. Newsletter Notification Box found on the right hand side.  Enter your email address to recieve newsletters. Everyone is welcome to sign up for our "Comet Connection".

2. Online Payments with School Cash. We would like to use this online cash collection  to colelct all fees. This keeps cash out of our classrooms (which can be a time consuming process) and also saves significant accounting time in the office. To set yourself you need a bank account # or a debit card or credit card or paypal account.  It is SO easy to use and never have to worry about having cash on hand at home.

3. Parent Portal - Set yourself up on Parent Portal. Here you can stay up to date with your child's assignments, marks and reporting data. A password is required at the office and will be made available at Open House. (Right Hand Box on the Webpage).

We are so thankful for our community and their parntership in providing the best education for our incredible ECCS students. Connaught is a GREAT place to be!

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